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Is Wooden Slide Better or Metal Slide Better?

Sep. 18, 2020

As a Drawer Fittings Manufacturer, share it with you. The wardrobe slide is divided into upper and lower wheels. The upper wheel is a door guard wheel, whose function is to make the door slide smoothly when pushed in parallel. The next wheel is divided into hidden wheels, which are made of pure nylon for load-bearing, and the semicircle rolls gradually through the center of gravity of the wheel, so it moves horizontally when pushing and pulling. The load-bearing capacity is up to 200 kg, the wear resistance is high, and the push-pull life can reach more than 300,000 times. This shows that the wardrobe slide plays a very important role in daily life. Let's talk about the choice of wardrobe slides.

Push Open Slide

Push Open Slide

Is wooden slide better or metal slide better?

1. Metal sliding rail. Advantages: easy to install, suitable for any board, especially thin particle board and density board. It is widely used and practical.

Disadvantages: The metal slide has a life limit. The load in the drawer is too heavy and it does not open smoothly. As a result, the drawer is deformed and damaged for a long time, and the sliding is not smooth. The metal slide rail is warped and deformed after being used for a long time, jams the rail and scratches the furniture, and cannot be used normally.

2. Wooden slide rail. Advantages: maintenance-free, no life issues. It occupies a small area, fits the cabinet body, and is more beautiful.

Disadvantages: high requirements for boards, general particle boards and density boards cannot be used as wooden slides. The requirements for manual technology are high. Although the wooden slide rail does not need to purchase additional materials, the grooving and polishing itself are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Newly made drawers will have unfavorable pull and pull, and it will take some time to adapt to running-in.

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