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What should I do if the Old Sliding Door Pulley is Broken?

Sep. 10, 2020

As a Drawer Fittings Wholesale, share it with everyone. The old sliding door pulley is broken. You need to remove the damaged pulley and replace it with a new pulley. The operation method is as follows: first remove the sliding door from the track and place it on a flat floor with cardboard, then put the sliding door frame pull the upper top until the screw hole for fixing the pulley is exposed, then use a tool to rotate counterclockwise to remove the screw, and the sliding door pulley can be removed smoothly. Finally, reverse the operation steps and install the new pulley.

Concealed Hinge

Concealed Hinge

Sliding door purchase skills

1. Material

The choice of the material of the sliding door is based on the purpose of the sliding door. If it is used in the wardrobe, it is recommended to use the cabinet door sliding door. And if the sliding door is used as a partition, such as a kitchen or balcony, a sliding door style with glass embedded can be used to partition the door while not damaging the lighting to a certain extent. For this kind of sliding door, you can choose aluminum-magnesium alloy or titanium-magnesium alloy.

2. Pulley

If the quality of the material affects the lighting and appearance of the home, then the pulley is the soul of the sliding door. Whether it is good or not depends mostly on it. There are three types of materials: plastic pulleys, fiberglass pulleys and metal pulleys. Among them, the plastic pulley is the cheapest, but it is easy to damage after long-term use, and even the sliding feeling becomes astringent, and the user experience is not good. The metal pulley is quite strong, but it also brings relatively large noise. Among the three, the best user experience should be the fiberglass pulley. Both toughness and wear resistance are better than the first two. In addition, it has low noise and high smoothness, making it very smooth to use. Therefore, it is better to choose a pulley made of glass fiber when purchasing a sliding door.

3. Accessories

In addition to the pulley, other accessories of the sliding door also need special attention. Such as anti-collision rubber strips, shock absorption devices, anti-jumping devices and so on. Pay attention to the details, the product will be better.

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