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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Shoe Cabinets?

Sep. 03, 2020

The importance of the shoe cabinet to our lives is self-evident. The style of the ordinary household shoe cabinet will be relatively simple in design. It is mainly composed of several horizontal boards and two vertical boards. As an advanced version, the sliding shoe cabinet can prevent shoes from affecting the sanitary environment at home. Drawer Fittings Wholesale will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of sliding shoe cabinets.

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This type of cabinet is relatively cost-effective. Most of it is used in the overall wardrobe, which effectively saves space. Even if it is attached to the bed, the door can still be opened and closed at will. It is very suitable for use in small rooms. In addition, sliding door wardrobes The overall sense is very strong, it looks like a wall, which is quite fashionable in modern homes.


For the installation of this kind of wardrobe, it is necessary to reserve a few centimeters of width to place the track. After a long time, the track will easily accumulate dust, which will affect the smoothness of the push to a certain extent, and also during cleaning. It's very troublesome. In addition, only one door can be opened when moving, which will block part of it. Generally speaking, it is not very convenient to take clothes.

How to install the shoe cabinet track?

1. Shoe cabinet slide rails are commonly used accessories in furniture. The guide rails for shoe cabinets or other moving parts are often equipped with bearings. The material of the shoe cabinet pulley determines the comfort of the shoe cabinet when sliding. Plastic pulleys, wear-resistant nylon, and steel balls are the three common drawer pulley materials. They are silent, comfortable and smooth when sliding, which distinguishes the quality of the slide. A better way.

2. Shoe cabinet slide rail installation first determine which shoe cabinet slide rail to use. Generally, three-section hidden slide rails are used. Please determine the length of your shoe cabinet and the depth of the counter according to certain data to select the corresponding The size is installed on the shoe cabinet.

3. Secondly, assemble the five boards of the shoe cabinet, screw on the screws, the shoe cabinet panel has a slot, after processing, adjust the nail holes to match, and then push the locking nails into the lock shoe cabinet and the slide rail.

4. The next step is to install the cabinet. You need to screw the plastic holes on the side panels of the cabinet first, and then install the rails removed from the top. A slide rail is fixed one after the other with two small screws. Both sides of the cabinet must be installed and fixed.

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