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Which is Better for a Kitchen Single Sliding Door?

Sep. 23, 2020

As a Drawer Fittings Manufacturer, share it with you. The current house size is relatively small, and the kitchen design should be kept as open as possible, but if the door is not secure, natural gas cannot enter the house, so many owners choose to install sliding doors. According to different installation methods, they can be divided into single sliding doors and external hanging types. Two kinds of sliding doors. So, which one is better for a single sliding door in the kitchen?

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1. Hanging sliding door of single sliding door: there is no track under the hanging sliding door, so after installation, the door leaf, the ground and the wall can be integrated well, the decoration effect is very good, and no debris will occur It is very easy to clean up when entering the low cabinet. The hanging wheel is the main stress point, so if the door leaf is heavy, after a period of use, the track may be bent, causing the door leaf to not move.

2. Land sliding door with single sliding door: the force point of the floor sliding door is below, so compared with the hanging sliding door, the whole will be more stable, but because the floor cabinet is very easy to accumulate dust and debris, so it is cleaned up It will be very troublesome. The owner needs to choose according to his actual situation and the parts used. In areas such as the kitchen, there is a lot of debris and garbage, so it is better to choose a hanging sliding door.

What are the repair methods for sliding doors?

1. According to the width of the door, slot at the bottom of the door and install channel steel.

2. Install the fixed plate on the door beam, adjust it from the top corner edge of the door to the opening of the fixed plate according to the different width of the door, to ensure that it can be symmetrical.

3. Position the circular positioning, two hanging wheels and bayonet.

4. Install the pendant on the top 1/3 of the sliding door, then insert the pulley into the pendant by inverting, tighten the screw with a wrench, and insert the bottom pulley into the channel steel.

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