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Where are the Potential Safety Hazards During Decoration?

Jul. 23, 2020

Safety is an issue that must be paid attention to in any home decoration, and home safety involves every aspect, every detail and every design such as kitchen, living room, balcony, bathroom, so we should not be careless. So, do you know what safety hazards exist in home decoration? Let's work with Drawer Slide Manufacturers China to understand the common hidden dangers of home improvement and find the correct way to deal with it.

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China Drawer Slide

1. Hidden dangers of kitchen decoration

The kitchen is the most prone to accidental injuries, such as cuts, scalds or burns. Most people think that such injuries are caused by their own carelessness. In fact, the quality of the kitchen design is directly related to the safety of the kitchen. Therefore, home safety is eliminated from the kitchen design.

1. The kitchen appliances are arranged in an orderly manner

The increase of kitchen appliances makes the safety of appliances in the kitchen especially important.

Prone to hidden dangers: leakage and electric shock

Treatment method: When dealing with built-in household appliances, you should reserve a side position so that it can be easily moved when the appliance fails. The refrigerator should not be located close to the stove, and the refrigerator should not be too close to the sink, so as to avoid leakage of the refrigerator due to splashing water.

At the beginning of the decoration, it is necessary to planly install more power outlets in all corners of the kitchen, which can reduce the danger of crossing the wires. Do not lay electrical wires near the sink, electric stove or other stoves, and install a leakage protection device.

2. Choose materials for waterproof and fireproof

Waterproof: The kitchen is a place where water is easy to accumulate. All surface decoration materials should choose materials with excellent waterproof and water resistance.

Fire prevention: Fire is an indispensable energy source in the kitchen, so the surface finishing materials used in the kitchen must pay attention to the fire prevention requirements, especially the flame retardant properties of the materials around the stove.

Prone to hidden dangers: easy to slip, easy to catch fire

Treatment method: The materials on the ground and operating table should not leak or seep. Wall and ceiling materials should be resistant to water and can be scrubbed with water.

The materials used in the interior design of the cabinet must be easy to clean. It is best to use materials that are not easy to be polluted, easy to clean, moisture-proof, heat-resistant and durable, such as ceramic tiles, waterproof coatings, PVC boards, fireproof boards, artificial marble, etc., which are all used in the kitchen. The most secure material.

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