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What Should i do to Buy Cabinet Hardware Accessories?

Feb. 08, 2020

Let me tell you as a Drawer Fittings Manufacturer. Cabinet hardware refers to hardware used to achieve certain functions, such as connectors, such as hinges and drawer slides. Among them, the hinge must stand the test of time. It must not only converge the door cabinet, but also bear the weight door separately; the other drawer slide cannot be ignored. It was initially placed in all the weight drawers, and only the high-quality drawer slides The drawer is effortless to pull. Therefore, these optional cabinet hardware accessories must be of good quality.

China Drawer Slide

China Drawer Slide

Buying cabinet hardware accessories should be done:

First, you must carefully observe whether the appearance is rough, and then test his hand slide switch several times to see if it is comfortable and there are abnormal noises. Do not compare it with furniture hardware. Instead, you need to compare it with similar products and look at the material again. The materials used are relatively good, choose a manufacturer with a long operating history and a high profile as possible.

In addition, for decorative cabinet hardware accessories, such as cabinet handles, etc., the problem of coordination with the color and texture of the furniture must be considered. Cabinet handles should not use solid wood handles, otherwise the handles will easily deform in humid environments. Solid wood cabinets can choose antique handles, the effect is very good.

It is easy to ignore these problems when purchasing cabinet hardware accessories, so users must carefully check and compare before making a decision.

Furniture hardware accessories generally refer to the hardware components used in the production and use of furniture. Such as sofa legs, lifters, backrests, springs, nails, foot codes, connections, activities, Slide for Metal Drawer, decoration and other metal parts, also known as furniture hardware accessories. China does not yet have a standard industry classification of furniture hardware accessories. It belongs to the hardware industry-hardware and tools branch, and also belongs to the furniture industry-furniture raw and auxiliary materials branch. Therefore, the domestic concept of furniture hardware accessories has not been clear The conclusion. Learn about the development of furniture hardware accessories.

Traditional Chinese furniture originally did not require furniture hardware accessories. All functions were realized on the basis of wooden structures. In ancient times, metal was only used as a decoration in furniture. Until the Qing Dynasty, metal realized simple functions in furniture.

After nearly 30 years of development, the role of furniture hardware accessories in furniture has become more and more important, and people's attention to the quality of furniture has also gradually shifted from sheet metal and environmental protection to hardware accessories. With the development of furniture modernization and personalization in recent years, the demand for furniture has gradually shifted from the most primitive storage function to the demand for exquisite living experience, and these experiences are directly felt from furniture hardware accessories.

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