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How to Buy Door and Window Slides?

Mar. 23, 2020

As a Drawer Fittings Manufacturer, share with you.

Sliding doors and windows are very popular in home decoration. In addition to the quality of sliding doors and windows that should attract our attention, we must also pay attention to the purchase of Ball Bearing Slide. I saw a lot of complaints from owners, and some of the sliding doors and windows at home not much use, it was found that it could not move. In fact, this is the result of the original decoration, did not carefully purchase the door and window slides. Inside the slide rail, which is invisible to the naked eye, is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its bearing capacity. There are both steel ball slides and silicon wheel slides on the market. The steel ball slide rail automatically removes the dust and dirt on the slide rail through the rolling of the steel ball, thereby ensuring the cleanness of the slide rail and preventing its sliding function from being affected by the dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel balls can spread the force to all sides, ensuring the stability of the drawer horizontally and vertically.

Push Open Slide

Push Open Slide

Before installing sliding doors and windows, in order to make them run smoothly, it is very important to learn to choose a good slide rail.

1. Let's start with the price. Like all hardware materials, the price of door and window slide rails varies depending on quality.

2. When it comes to price, you should also buy from the grade of the slide. What kind of slide rail is higher?

First look at the material, because the material of the slide rails on the market is very diverse, it is difficult to know how to choose, but it must be known that the material of the slide rails is generally alloy or copper. Such as plastic steel, aluminum alloy and so on.

When choosing alloy door and window slide rails, you should determine it based on the weight and volume of your door or window. If the doors and windows are heavy, you should choose thicker alloy rails. If they are lighter, you can choose Smaller. It should be noted that the thicker the rail, the stronger it will be, and the relative price will be higher.

Secondly, workmanship is reflected in the quality issues of the track and pulley. There are good and bad workmanship, and good workmanship corresponds to higher prices. One type of tri-folding rail is to achieve the push-pull telescopic effect by using rails and roller balls. The price of high-end tri-folding rails is generally around 100 yuan.

When making a purchase in the market, you must first choose according to your own door form, and secondly, do not accept cheap goods. Choose a secure business and good slide material to ensure smoother and more comfortable use.

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