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You must know the basics of kitchen basic hardware maintenance

Nov. 06, 2019

  Three meals a day, rice, oil, salt and vinegar, the kitchen is the most prosperous place. Most people, for the design of the kitchen, pay more attention to the value of the skin, while ignoring its performance. The main hardware components of kitchen cabinets are hinges and slide rails. These small accessories are small but play a vital role. They are the key to realizing cabinet doors, drawers, and baskets. Inset Hinge is like the heart of the door. It not only links the door and the door, but also the various consumption caused by the external tension. Good hinges can be used for decades, and well-maintained may also be a treasure of the family. The hinges of normal quality have reached the limit of use without changing for three or five years. Once all kinds of pull-outs occur, it really affects the appearance. It is obviously very high-end furniture, but it has drawn points on these small accessories, and dropped the falling, and instantly reduced the entire level by several files.

China Drawer Slide

China Drawer Slide

  For drawers, the most important accessory is the slide rail. The smoothness of the slide rails and the bearing capacity are the roots of a good and bad product. The good rails are smooth and smooth, and they use no shaking, and the pulling is smooth and silent. Slides can be seen in many places, then do you know the scope of the slides? Everything has its scope of use, as long as it is within the scope of use to show the function of the item. Once it is out of this range of use, it will affect the use and damage of the item. The slide rails are also the same, and the slide rails also have a special use range. The slide rails are used in different ranges depending on the type and function of the slide rails. For example, aluminum alloy slide rails cannot be used in corrosive environments such as acid and alkali oil salts, and cannot be used in high temperature and high strength environments. Ordinary slide rails generally have no special requirements and can be used in low-temperature environments. Generally, they cannot be used in corrosive environments such as acid and alkali oil salts. When we use slide rails, we should pay attention to the type of slide rails we use to pay attention to slippage. The range of rail usage should not be used beyond the scope of use of the rails.

  The production of slides is a complex process that involves many questions about materials, processes, and so on. Nowadays, the progress of social production technology has been greatly improved, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. The technology produced by China Drawer Slide is becoming more and more mature, the quality of the slide rails has been greatly improved, and the function of the slide rails has also been improved. A lot of improvements have been made, the production cycle of the slide rail has been shortened, and the process has been improved, which has led to the development of the slide rail industry. Looking into the future, the future belongs to the intelligent world, and the slide rails will become more and more intelligent. With the improvement of the level of the slide rail technology, the slide rails of various functions will appear, and the slide rail industry will flourish and will enter the smart home field and open. The future home market guarantees people's comfortable life in the future. Our company is Drawer Fittings Manufacturer, welcome to come to us.