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Do you know the Kitchen Hardware Maintenance Tips?

Jun. 22, 2020

As a Kitchen Fittings Hinge Wholesale, share with you. Hardware is the most easily overlooked hardware accessory in daily life. However, in daily life we have to deal with a variety of hardware, which plays a vital role in security. Most people neglect management after the hardware is installed, and basically do not do any maintenance on the hardware.

1. Kitchen cabinet hardware accessories should be wiped with dry cloth frequently, otherwise it is easy to rust. If black spots appear on the surface of hardware accessories that are difficult to remove, add a little kerosene to wipe.

2. When the cabinet hinge is used for a long time, it will make a noise. For a long-term smooth and quiet mute, you can regularly add some lubricating oil for maintenance, a period of 2~3 months.

3. The hardware in the kitchen should try to avoid the collision and scratching of heavy objects and sharp objects; do not pull hard when handling, as this will easily damage the hardware at the connection of the furniture.

4. Frequently wipe the surface of the faucet with a soft cotton cloth or sponge with neutral soapy water to avoid water containing trace amounts of carbonates to form scales and cause corrosion on the faucet surface.

5. Avoid touching the surface of the faucet nozzle with hard objects. During the installation of the faucet, do not force it to avoid damage to the parts of the faucet.

Concealed Hinge

Concealed Hinge

Maintenance of door and window, wardrobe hardware accessories:

1. The stainless steel handle of the door or wardrobe can be wiped with a brightener to make it more dazzling.

2. The hinges, hanging wheels, casters and other moving parts of the wardrobe may stick to dust during long-term movement and reduce

Because of its performance, one or two drops of lubricating oil every six months can keep it smooth.

3. When the aluminum profile around the window is dirty, wipe it with clean cotton cloth and dry it with dry cotton cloth.

4. It is forbidden to pedal the aluminum frame of the window hard to avoid window damage.

5. Pay special attention to the direction of rotation and stretching of the handle, and avoid using dead force. Children in the family should educate the children well, do not hang on the handles of the closet and the door, and not only threaten the personal safety of the children, but also may cause damage to the door and the closet.

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