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What Kinds of Slide Rails for Cabinet Drawers?

May. 23, 2020

Don't look at the small drawer slides of the cabinets, but they are of great use, which provides convenience for the use of the drawers and makes the cabinet drawers more useful. Slide for Metal Drawer Wholesale is here today to introduce some of the purchasing skills of the drawer slide rails to help you bring a very good and convenient help.

Full Extension Drawer Slide

Full Extension Drawer Slide

Slide rails, also known as guide rails and slide rails, refer to the hardware connecting parts that are fixed on the cabinet of the furniture and are used for the entry and exit of the furniture drawer or cabinet board. Drawer connection for furniture such as steel drawers. If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, then the slide rail is the kidney.

Whether those large and small drawers can be freely and smoothly pushed and pulled, how to bear the weight, all rely on the support of the slide rail. From the current technical point of view, the bottom rail is better than the side rail, and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection. The material, principle, structure and process of the drawer slide rails vary greatly. The high-quality slide rails have low resistance and long life, and the drawers are smooth.

How to choose drawer slide rails-introduction of drawer slide rail classification types?

1. Roller type: This type of slide rail has been around for a long time. It is the first generation of silent drawer slide rails. Since 2005, it has been slowly replaced by steel ball slide rails on a new generation of furniture. The roller slide rail structure is relatively simple, consisting of a pulley and two rails, which can cope with the daily push and pull needs, but it has poor load bearing capacity, and does not have buffer and rebound functions. It is commonly used on light drawers.

2. Steel ball type: The steel ball slide rail is basically a two-section or three-section metal slide rail. The more common structure is the structure installed on the side of the drawer. The installation is relatively simple and saves space. The high-quality steel ball slide rail can ensure smooth sliding and large bearing capacity. This type of slide rail can have the functions of buffering and closing or pressing and rebounding and opening. In modern furniture, steel ball slides are gradually replacing roller-type slides and become the main force of modern furniture slides.

3. Gear type: this type of slide rail has hidden slide rails, riding slide rails and other slide rail types, which are middle and high-grade slide rails.The gear structure is used to make the slide rails very smooth and synchronized. Cushion closing or pressing rebound opening function is mostly used in high-end furniture, because the price is more expensive, and it is also rare in modern furniture, so it is not as popular as steel ball slide rails.

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